Top 9 best logo designs for online casinos

Top 9 best logo designs for online casinos 1200 700 Game Design Studio Heartland Graphics

The choice of a logo for an online casino in Canada is not always easy to make. Indeed, it must respect several criteria in order to suit the brand image of the operator. How is it possible to effectively choose online casino logos? Are there some designs that are more interesting than others?

To answer this question, we called on experts in graphic design who knows the iGaming world inside out. With his expertise, you will find out the best designs for the online casino logos.

different logos

The logo defines the image perceived by the users of an online casino. It is the only thing that lets players know that they are playing on a particular platform. It is therefore important not to neglect this point and to pay close attention to the type of design you choose.

According to the experts of the World Design Organization (WDO), here are the 9 most common designs that can be found in the logos of online casinos in Canada:

  • The minimalist style;
  • The pure design;
  • Modern art;
  • Cartoon style;
  • The photographic type;
  • The old school touch;
  • Flashy design;
  • Black and white;
  • The glamorous atmosphere.

Of course, there are other types of design, but the above 9 styles are the most common, both for Canadian and international operators. In each case, these can also come in several variations, usually depending on the theme of the casino.

And depending on the direction you want your platform to take, you can opt for one of these options. For example, if you want to embody the art of living in Canada, you could go for a modern style. On the other hand, if your casino’s vibe is more like 1950s Las Vegas, then the old-school feel is logically preferable.

How easy is it for an online casino to change its graphic identity?

It’s important to be careful before changing your corporate logo and you need to have good reasons for doing so. If you don’t, you risk damaging your brand image and losing many customers.

Indeed, many players are attached to the visual identity of an online casino. It is what makes them feel comfortable and comfortable playing on a platform. If the design change is too abrupt, then they may lose their bearings and complain about it.

So when you change your logo, you should do it gradually. It is recommended that you never change the colours too abruptly or change the font used to write the name of your casino too much.

It is not always easy for an online casino operating in Canada to find an appropriate logo, as it is important to combine the design of the logo with the direction you want your platform to take. In addition, it is also important to choose a style that will surely delight all players. As this is a tricky thing to do, it is usually advisable to base it on popular things, such as the new movies that came out in theaters right after the covid-19 crisis.

But again, it depends on the kind of image you want to give. Let’s say you’re opening a new online casino in Canada with a glamorous style, the above style would work well. If your theme is western, on the other hand, older graphics are bound to be more appropriate.

Another effective option is to create a small contest where you invite casino players to create a logo they feel is appropriate for an operator. Then you can submit all of these designs to a vote of the other players and choose the winner of the contest to create your logo, but possibly also the graphic design of your platform.